Our goal is to develop high quality cannabis based medical products to be used as first choice of treatment and as natural alternatives to the commonly used medicines.
The R&D team is comprised of skilled specialists including pharmacists, chemists, and formulation specialists. Our team combines extensive knowledge and expertise in the medical cannabis industry with decades pharmaceutical R&D experience. The team is committed to develop new cannabis-based products to meet patients’ needs.

Growing our own unique strains

Based on the tight connection with our growth area in Amit Farm, We produce our own carefully selected cannabis strains and develop a variety of formulations that will address a wide range of medical needs

Variety of technologies

Our plant is equipped with advanced technologies to extract cannabis oil using Ethanol or CO2. Due to the chemical and physical characteristics of Ethanol and CO2, we are able to produce a variety of medical whole plant cannabis-based products.

In addition, our R&D pipeline includes products in a variety of dosage forms like: powders, tablets, capsules, creams and ointments, sprays, and suppositories.


We have submitted four patent applications to the Israeli Patent Office.  The patent authority has found these applications to be innovative with no prior art. These formulations treat the following indications:  ADHD, skin lesions, oral cavity infections and hemorrhoids.

Our formulations uniquely combine cannabis with a variety of potent medicinal herbal extracts. Our studies show that the synergistic effect of the cannabis and the medicinal herbal extracts will have greater benefits than each single component which enhances the healing effects of the Cannabis.

Strategic Collaborations and Partnerships

UNIVO has collaboration agreements with young promising early stage start-up companies that have patent granted innovative products.

These include:  CannaPowder, a company that has developed a nanosized full spectrum powder from cannabis oil and Veoli which is developing a unique inhaler that will use UNIVO formulations in the cartridge device.