UNIVO Products

UNIVO medical cannabis products are currently available in two forms: Influences and extracts.

Aphrodite T10/C10

Univos’ oil products are extracted from high quality influences, cultivated in Univo’s GAP certified facilities in Israel.

Our unique proprietary ethanol extraction process is carried out at -70oC, resulting in a pure, whole plant extract, containing mostly the active ingredients: Cannabinoids, Terpenes and flavonoids.

The carrier oil is MCT, derived mostly from coconut oil. MCT oil contains saturated fat, helping the body absorb the cannabinoids optimally. We use MCT oil because it is odorless, has no aftertaste and no side effects such as heartburn.

The products are manufactured at Univo’s GMP certified site and undergo strict quality testing.

Our oils come in a 10 grams glass bottle with an internal dropper to assist with dosing.

Full spectrum extract

THC&CBD Balanced