UNIVO Products

UNIVO medical cannabis products are currently available in two forms: dried flowers and extracts.
UNIVO products are categorized by color to distinguish the cannabinoids ratio in our three product categories:

Full Spectrum Extract

Unique Extraction Methods

UNIVO, uses proprietary Ethanol and CO2 extraction methods to create a whole plant extract for developing products that vary in CBD, TCH and other cannabinoids.
The different chemical and physical characteristics of each extraction method enables optimal extraction of the various substances from the cannabis plant in addition to the active ingredients CBD, THC. This “Entourage Effect” enhances the effect of the active ingredients, contributing to the healing power of the Cannabis. The result is a larger variety of cannabis products addressing more indications which will improve the quality of life for more patients.

Ethanol Extract

Our GAP standard grown cannabis passes through a supercooled Ethanol extract method in our state-of-the-art GMP certified facility designed to deliver a finest various content of cannabinoids, terpene and flavonoids that have industry leading high levels of purity.





Our GAP standard grown cannabis will undergo a supercritical cold CO2 extract method in our state-of-
the-art GMP standard facility designed to deliver a finest and purest product with a high content of active compounds.




Dried Cannabis Flowers

Our rare genetics are chosen according to pharmaceutical standards and meet the stringent Israeli regulatory requirements for the composition of cannabinoids.

Our cannabis plants are cultivated under GAP standards in a state-of-the art greenhouse in the south of Israel.

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