LA Kush Cake


LA Kush Cake is an indica-dominant marijuana strain made by Crossing of Wedding Cake and Kush Mint. The inflorescence has an aroma of mint and lavender with soil and pine flavors. Its genetics is known for its relaxing effect and can helps with anxiety, insomnia and pain.

Terpene profile


 β-Caryophyllene ia a sesquiterpen (terpen containing 15 carbon atoms) with a rich aroma of black pepper, it is found in many plants such as Thai basil and cloves. Cryophyllene is used as an antidote, ant- bacterial, anti- cancer and anti -infections.


Limonene can be found in fruit peels, rosemary, juniper and mint. Has an aroma that combines lemon and orange. Its effect is known in anti-dielectric treatment, helps to improve mood and relieve anxiety and nausea.


α-Humulene can be found in wheat, coriander, cloves and basil. Has an aroma of wheat and beer, wood and soil. Its effect is known as anti-bacterial, and anti-tumor and it is used as an appetite suppressant.


Linalool is common in a variety of herbs such as mint, rosemary and also certain mushrooms and bark. It has a lavender scent. This terpen is known for pain-relieving abilities and is especially suitable for treating anxiety, depression, insomnia and inflammation.

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Use and storage
  • Store in a dark, dry place, at room temperature or below 25 degrees.
  • The product must be used no later than the expiration date stamped on the package.
  • Care should be taken to store out of reach of children or anyone for whom the drug is not intended.
  • Please read the consumer leaflet before use.
ריכוז חומרים פעילים ביחס ל-1 גרם

THC 0.20g / CBD 0.04g / CBN 0.015g

Package capacity: 10 g

Country of manufacture: Israel