Univo’s oil products are extracted from high quality influences, cultivated in Univo’s GAP certified facilities in Israel.

Our unique proprietary ethanol extraction process is carried out at -70oC, resulting in a pure, whole plant extract, containing mostly the active ingredients: Cannabinoids, Terpenes and flavonoids.

The carrier oil is MCT, derived mostly from coconut oil. MCT oil contains saturated fat, helping the body absorb the cannabinoids optimally. We use MCT oil because it is odorless, has no aftertaste and no side effects such as heartburn.

The products are manufactured at Univo’s GMP certified site, and undergo strict quality testing.

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Analytical certificate / analysis

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Patients share

“Rises slowly, but after the effect starts it is very long and very noticeable, enough for me three single drops once a day for the pain”


“Helps with pain and migraines, highly recommend!”


“I am always looking for balanced oils and this time I was very pleasantly surprised by Univo, an excellent oil”

Use and storage
  • Store in a dark, dry place, at room temperature or below 25 degrees.
  • The product must be used no later than the expiration date stamped on the package.
  • Care should be taken to store out of reach of children or anyone for whom the drug is not intended.
  • Please read the consumer leaflet before use.

THC 0.10g / CBD 0.10g / CBN 0.015g

Package capacity: 10 g

Country of manufacture: Israel