UNIVO Management


Golan Bitton


Golan has 22 years of managerial experience in the Israeli Ministry of Defense. He Implemented and managed multi-million dollar projects for the Israeli Government. Golan holds a B.A. in Economics from Max Stern Academic College and Computer Engineering from Negev University.

Yossi Hatan

Yossi Hatan


Yossi served as the Senior Manager of PwC Israel for over a decade. Yossi has experience in a variety of industries, from high-tech and life science to traditional industrial companies, including publicly traded and private early stage companies—all in accordance with US GAAP, SEC regulations, IFRS and Israeli standards. Yossi is a certified CPA in Israel and holds a B.A. in Accounting & Economics from Ruppin Academic Center.


Dr.Ilana Lavon


Ilana has 16 years experience from Perrigo in Research & Development and Operations, where she served as a team leader. In her role, she developed new innovative formulations for the US market. She built and managed a new technical transfer department, consisting of 14 process engineers. Ilana holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering from Ben Gurion University of the Negev.


Omer Layani


Omer is a cannabis cultivator with a vast knowledge in various growing techniques and multiple varieties of strains. He has been creating remedies and plant extracts for the past decade, using various plants and different plant material. He is leading the design, planning, and delivery of the new large-scale greenhouse cultivation facility. He is part of a team that ensures the facility is in compliance with Israel regulation.


Ehud Olmert


Ehud Olmert served as Prime Minister of the State of Israel from 2006 to 2009. Born in Binyamina in 1945, Olmert studied at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and worked as a lawyer. In 1993, Olmert was elected as Mayor of Jerusalem During his time as Prime Minister, he led the country during the Second Lebanon War which re-established Israeli deterrence giving Israel quiet on its northern border for over a decade. He also worked towards a peace agreement with the Palestinians and in November 2007, attended the Annapolis Peace Conference led by President George W. Bush. Following accusations of corruption, Olmert resigned from his position to fight for his innocence, leaving the premiership in February 2009. Olmert was acquitted of the central corruption charges levied against him but convicted of lesser charges of obstruction of justice and the misappropriation of political contributions and served a 16-month sentence in a correctional facility.