Univo has become a leading player in the Israeli cannabis market: Brand sales surged by 111% in 2021 to ILS 21.9 The company’s total revenues are up by 25% in 2021 to ILS 42.2 million, from ILS 33.7 million in 2020 Annual gross profit has surged up 77% to ILS 23 million, from ILS 12.9 million in 2020 The company’s gross profit rate in 2021 is 54% In 2021, Univo became the first company to sign an agreement to supply its products to Israel’s two largest HMOs, Clalit and Maccabi, which jointly hold 75% of the market in Israel
Univo announces preliminary results for 2021: Expects revenues of over ILS 74 million since establishment Univo expects to end Q4 with a turnover of over ILS 13 million – up 35% from Q4/2020 At the close of 2021, the company expects a sales turnover of over ILS 41 million, up 23% from Y2020 sales Univo has independent growing operations at Amit farm, and most of its Q4 revenues resulted from its home farm cultivation. Univo founder and CEO, Golan Bitton, said: “We expect 2021 growth to continue also into 2022 and 2023, with a crystal clear business strategy which includes access to end customers, direct sales to Clalit and Maccabi healthcare members, and future agreements for further imports from Tilray and other companies”
Univo to import cannabis company Tilray’s products to Israel The medical cannabis company will import to Israel the products of the Canadian company, which is considered a global leader and pioneer in the medical cannabis market In the coming year, Univo will import more than 4 tons of Tilray’s high-demand strains, on an exclusive basis. The Israeli company will thus become a key player in the imported cannabis market, holding a share of over 10% of distribution in the entire market
Medical cannabis company Univo to supply its products to Maccabi Health Services members nationwide The medical cannabis company signed an agreement with Maccabi Enterprise and Management Ltd. of the Maccabi Health Services Group, under which it will supply its products for special prices to 26,000+ license-holding patients insured by Maccabi nationwide. With the signing of the agreement, Univo products are available to over 75% of license-holding patients in Israel, after the company won the process held by the Mor Institute for Clalit Health Services earlier this month, under which the products are also available to the 49,000+ patients insured by Clalit
Medical cannabis company Univo will supply its products to license-holding members of Clalit Health Services at a reduced price. The medical cannabis company won a process held by Mor Institute for Clalit, and will supply its products to license-holding Clalit members for a reduced price at 17 pharmacies nationwide היי נעמי,
Univo receives IMCA approval to import raw materials by a top Canadian brand The medical cannabis company will import 500 kgs of raw materials from the leading Canadian brand, whose products are considered high quality and in significant demand in Canada and in Israel. The company is now working to import the raw materials to its production facility in Ashkelon over the coming days, to be used for production and marketing in the near future in Israel under the Univo brand
IMCA approval granted to Univo for home deliveries of medical cannabis products to customers. The company, a pharmacy controlled by which last week received approval for the sale of medical cannabis directly to consumers, was granted approval by the Israeli Medical Cannabis Agency at the Ministry of Health to make product deliveries independently, without depending on third parties.
Univo: MediPharm pharmacy in Holon receives approval for distribution of medical cannabis through online sales and home delivery. The pharmacy, control of which was acquired by Univo in June, which engages in the development, production and supply of medical cannabis products, is located at a central and accessible site in the center of Israel, now enables medical cannabis sales directly to consumers through home delivery