UNIVO ( TASE:UNVO (3.4 0.96%)   ) is a vertically-integrated medical cannabis company including cultivation, manufacturing and distribution as well as the creation of innovative products and dosage forms for next-generation medical cannabis products. UNIVO holds initial licenses for the entire supply chain:
  • Growing, breeding and nursery
  • Production of medical cannabis products
  • Research and development
  • Distribution

UNIVO will source its own cannabis by way of a partnership with Amit Farms, located in the South of Israel covering over 75,000m² with 15,000 m² will be designated for cannabis growth.  The farm will use state-of-the art innovative agricultural technologies to grow high quality Cannabis and develop our own strains targeted to meet specific therapeutic needs.

Our UNIVO IMC-GMP manufacturing facility will produce a wide variety of medical cannabis products that meet the most stringent international standards. The plant is scheduled to receive IMC-GMP certification and begin production in  Q3-Q4 2019.   UNIVO uses state-of-the-art Ethanol and CO based extraction technologies to manufacture a wide range Medical Cannabis products.  Additional technologies will be added to enable a different delivery systems and dosages to meet the needs of the products in our R&D pipeline.  We also package flowers and distribute them from our facility directly to pharmacies

UNIVO world class R&D guarantees a steady flow of new products in multiple doses with cutting edge dosage forms.  Our team includes leading pharmacists, chemists, formulation specialists and Cannabis industry experts.

The UNIVO manufacturing facility is designed to safely store all finished products according to the strictest regulatory and security requirements.  The UNIVO in-house distribution team works closely with our partners and customers to ensure fast and safe delivery of our products.